Your Wedding Budget

When planning your wedding, it’s a good idea to take a look at budgeting. At Daisy Designs, we realize that when it comes to wedding invitations most people aren’t sure how much to spend. Keep in mind that the invitation can set the stage for your wedding, whether it’s formal or casual. Here are some quick references to help guide you.

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% To Spend on Stationery Total Wedding Budget
$25,000 – $27,000
2% $500-$540
3% $750-$810
4% $1,000-$1,080
5% $1,250-$1,350
6% $1,500-$1,620
7% $1,750-$1,890
8% $2,000-$2,160
9% $2,250-$2,430
10% $2,500-$2,700


Your Wedding Budget
Your Wedding Budget