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Tammy D'Entremont - owner of Daisy Designs

Owner – Tammy D’Entremont

I often get called ‘Daisy’ when clients are making their first phone call or email. Which, I will answer to, but that’s not my name. My name is Tammy. ‘Well-where does the Daisy in Daisy Designs come from?’ Lots of reasons actually. Daisy was actually the name of the dog I had growing up. When in college, studying Illustration, I drew the two daisy-like flowers in the DD logo for a project.

Years later, while trying to come up with a name for my design company many, many years ago, I felt Daisy Designs rolled off your tongue better than Tammy’s Designs. Besides-every other designer uses their name in the title.

For years, I operated as a freelance designer while holding down a full-time job. In 1999, when my oldest brother was getting married, he approached me about doing environmentally friendly invitations. That was my first introduction into the world of stationery and a paper geek was born. I discovered so much more than what I knew as an in-house, cubicle designer.

In 2006, with the support of my wonderful husband, I decided to make Daisy Designs a full-time career path. That’s also around the time I realized that, every little girl at some point will pick a daisy and recite “he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me…” We ALL end with ‘he loves me’ right? The name suited wedding stationery! Besides I LOVE daisies! They are the sweetest, simplest flower. They grow in my garden everywhere. I even named my last dog Shasta! He was the official greeter of Daisy Designs for many years.

While Daisy Designs is a family run business (my husband creates the website and is generally creative at everything), we have many creative associates that are called to action when things get real busy (which is often). This ensures that your order is always filled in a timely fashion.

When I’m not creating something new, I’m spending quality time with my husband and daughter, watching movies, reading, playing games, swimming, creating garden projects and teaching my child about animals and nature and its delicate balance.

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