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How Much?

How much? I get asked this question most often. While it is a valid question and needs to be asked, I would first like to say this:

When you walk into a restaurant and are greeted by the host/hostess, do you ask “how much?” No-first you want to look at a menu.

The restaurant you chose to walk into is usually in the preferred choices for that moment. Sometimes you aren’t sure if you want a steak, salmon or a pasta dish. These are not all the same. You wouldn’t walk into Mickey D’s and ask for a steak.

Apply this to any of your wedding vendors. We recognize that this is probably the first time you are planning your wedding,

so ask away-we need to know your vision. When you are looking at dresses-you might want to show the style you might like to try on.

What designer? What about the venue? Outdoors? Indoors? Gardens? Chandeliers? What food do you want to serve?

Everything has a different price point.

As vendors, we understand the price shopping factor, but my advice? Don’t assume the price you see online at a random site is the same as what you will find in your area. Have a bit of a starting point or a vision. Be prepared to move your comfort zone to get your ultimate dream.

You might be pleasantly surprised.

But always remember: ENJOY THE MOMENT! Stress is a wasted emotion.

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