Request an Appointment

We now offer three types of consultations. You can choose an in-person, video or phone consultation.

Returning clients can also book an appointment to approve their final designs before we send them to print.

Consultations are by appointment only

To book an appointment for a worry-free and safe no obligation consultation with our designer, first choose the type of consultation you prefer, select a date and time from the calendar – then provide your name, email, phone number and any helpful notes. We will respond within 24 hours. Please check your JUNK mail and SPAM folders.

Consultations are on a first-come-first-served basis and are done by appointment only. If you book a consultation, we’d be more than happy to show you all of our samples. We will be in touch to confirm your booking time as soon as possible.

After filling out the appointment request form, we kindly ask you to fill out our Questionnaire so we can better understand what you are looking for and help us prepare for your appointment.

Appointments are available Monday – Thursday, between 10am and 2pm and Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm. Some Saturday times are available. You can also make an appointment by phone at 613-821-1059.

Please note that some items and materials may be slightly delayed in shipping.

We have been making adjustments accordingly. Please keep this in mind if you are in the early planning stages of your stationery and looking to place an order — the more time, the better.

Daisy Designs consultations